Sunnyside Market Night

Having gone to high school in Redlands, I have been to their Thursday Market Night many times.  So when I heard Riverside was going to have a Friday Market Night less than a mile from my house, I was excited to check it out.  Riverside has a little ways to go before it reaches the status of Redlands, but for having only begun a few weeks ago, there were some great finds!  Below are my top five favorite vendors from the evening.

  1. Superfoods by Sallimar – These pitaya and acai bowls were the perfect treat for a hot summer night. Even Olive enjoyed a few of the berries off the top of mine!
  2. Brothers Products – There collection of hummus and spreads is amazing! I had six samples before deciding on the Garlic Jalapeño Spread and some of the spicy olives.  Can you tell I’m a spice girl (“if you wanna be my lover”… am I showing my age by making that reference?  Haha)
  3. Beautiful Olive – The name had me hooked right away! I have never been olive oil tasting before but after this, sign me up!  They offered samples on sourdough bread (my weakness, I love carbs).  Since the hubby wouldn’t let me get the Habanero, we ended up with the Garlic Chili.  He’s not into spicy the way that I am.
  4. Cactus – I am a crazy plant lady and am always looking for a good price. Mainly because I kill everything (cactus included) so I don’t like to spend too much on plants when I’m not so good at keeping them alive.  Market Night had some great cactus for $5.00, the size I see at the local nursery for upwards of $20.
  5. Lux Clothing – My absolute favorite boutique is located on the corner of Sunnyside and De Anza (where Market Night takes place). Whereas the boutique is there everyday, it stays open late on Friday evenings for all the Market Night guests.  There is nothing I love better than a late night shopping spree!

Market Night is every Friday night 6:00pm – 9:00pm on Sunnyside Drive!

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Olive’s Outfit // Headband: Elle and Carter // Dress: Wild Sunshine Threads // Pacifier Clip: Templeton Silver // Molly’s Tee: The Mama Heart Company


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