Hi.  I’m Molly!  I live in Southern California with my husband Omar, our daughter Olive and our two puggles Kobe and Abigail.

I have always loved to write.  And I have always been click happy when it comes to the camera and photographing everything.  A quote from me and my brothers favorite movie (Cant Hardly Wait) says that photos are “memories frozen in time”.  That is how I have always viewed them.  And recently, I have been creating so many amazing memories that I wish could last forever.  When I had my daughter Olive, I began a journal for her.  I wanted to write down my hopes and dreams for her future, stories of things that were happening so I wouldn’t forget the details and could tell her when she was older.  But there is one problem with a journal…  It doesn’t have pictures.  And I don’t want a “Baby Book”.  I want to write for her longer than just when she is a baby.  I want to remember her whole life, not just the first year.

I want to feel free to write about life…  anything in life.  Mommy stuff, love, God, décor, family vacations, clothes, diy projects, recipes, anything that I feel passionate about; anything I want to remember.  Life passes so quickly and I want to capture it all.

So here it is…  My photo filled journal for my sweet girl.  Because she fills a space in my heart a never knew was empty.